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L-3000 HPLC

HPLC system Introductiondownloadpdf


RIGOL L-3000 HPLC system delivers performance and cost effective in a flexible, reliable and user-friendly system platform. Complete with software, pump, detector and injector, the system comes pre-configured for different levels of HPLC operational needs.


High Performance

The integrated, high pressure, high throughput, binary pump provides rapid analysis efficiency with less solvent consumption.

Low Limit of Detection

Stronger separation ability obtains higher signal to noise ratio. The detector's sensitivity fits all the challenged requirements in the daily analysis work.

Accurate analysis

Innovating design of the pump obtains pulse-free solvent flow with analytical to semi-preparative flow rates are well suited for the high sensitivity, low noise detectors.

Reliable system

Excellent mechanical design and more precision control processing obtain a more reliable and stable system. Easy and quick maintenance resulting in maximized system uptime.

The L-3000 HPLC system is configurable with the high performance units listed to meet the customer's application specified requirement.





Innovation 'Pump' out of Performance

hplc pump_frontview

hplc pump_rearview


•Up to 8000 psi pump pressure capability reduces the analytic time consumption.The robust, single housed, in-series binary pumps design extends the continued service time, reduce the delay volume and save the bench space occupation.

graph hplc_1

•User selectable solvent compressibility compensation ensures the solvent flow accuracy in the full pressure setting range.

pump hplc_2

•Gradient test


Gradient accuracy±1% Gradient repeatability 0.2%RSD

Suitable for the highly complex samples analysis


Excellence ‘Detect’ out of Precision

 detector front

•The wide linear range Dual λ Absorbance Detection enhances reliable, simultaneous quantitation of primary compounds, by-products and impurities.
The patented optical system and lamp driver design achieves Minimum baseline noise and     maximum baseline stability for lowest detection limits.

detector graph1

•Short-term baseline noise
 Noise< ±0.5×10-5 AU     Drift< 1×10-4 AU/ Hr

detector graph2detector graph3

•Linear Range
Linearity >2.5AU