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Palm Instruments develops and produces innovative potentiostat / galvanostat instruments for electrochemical sensors and electrochemical applications.  The objective is to provide very low cost instruments yet with low noise and high sensitivity.  This is achieved by using modern electronic components and manufacturing techniques.

Palm potentiostats are widely used in the laboratory or in the field.  PCB versions & software development tools are also available for users' own designs.

The new MultiEmstat is a versatile multipotentiostat with 4, 8 or 12 independent Emstat2 potentiostats in as single modular design.  Also see Emstat2-4WE.

PalmSens is a handheld, battery-powered potentiostat suitable for the laboratory or field use.

Emstat is the smallest USB potentiostat on the market today. It is available with a wide range of accessories - there is even a version with integrated 8-channel multiplexer, see EmstatMUX.

All Palm's potentiostats are supplied with PSTrace software - available free without licensing limits.

All offer minimum 1nA range and high sensitivity.

EmStat3 - powered ES2-4Ch birdseye2 reduced 250x153multiemstat







Download Main Datasheet


Palmsens Main Datasheet



All instruments provide most of the relevant electroanalytical techniques:

Voltammetric techniques: PalmSens EmStat/MultiEmStat
Linear sweep voltammetry smiley-cool smiley-cool
Differential pulse voltammetry smiley-cool smiley-cool
Square wave voltammetry smiley-cool smiley-cool
Normal pulse voltammetry smiley-cool smiley-cool
ac Voltammetry smiley-cool
Cyclic voltammetry smiley-cool smiley-cool
Stripping chronopotentiometry
(or PSA)


Techniques as function of time: PalmSens EmStat/MultiEmStat
Amperometric detection smiley-cool smiley-cool
Pulsed amperometric detection smiley-cool smiley-cool
Multiple pulse amperometry smiley-cool smiley-cool
Fast amperometry smiley-cool smiley-cool
Amperometry (multi-potentiallevel) smiley-cool smiley-cool
Potentiometry smiley-cool smiley-cool

 The voltammetric techniques can be used in the stripping voltammetry modes.

Below you will find more details about the products

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