Fuel Cell Test Systems

850 Fuel Cell Test System The model 850 Multi-Range Fuel Cell Test System is a complete test station for operation and measurement of PEM/DMFC fuel cells.  The 850 is ideal for single-cell and short-stack fuel cell research and university programs.
840 Fuel Cell Test System The Model 840 is targeted for applications requiring gas flow rates up to 12 SLPM and is based on the time-tested 850 series of turn-key fuel cell test stations. The 840 features dual range anode and cathode mass flow controllers for wide range flow control which is ideal for RH cycling. Also included are input selector valves and a 16-channel data acquisition module for additional voltage and temperature measurements.
855 SOFC Test System The 855 SOFC Test system is an integrated, turn-key Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Test System. This unit has a zero volt capability for lower measurement range.  The addition of a programmable Power Supply extends the 855’s capabilities to include electrolysis mode. Automated, hands-free switching between SOFC and SOEC mode via FuelCell® software.
890 Fuel Cell Test Loads The model 890 is a computer-controlled instrument consisting of multi-range programmable electronic load, fuel flow and temperature controls, and data acquisition functions in a compact rack-mount or bench-top unit targeting small to medium sized single cell or low-power stack for laboratory research.
890ZV SOFC Test Load The bench-top Model 890ZV consists of a programmable electronic load, fuel and temperature controls, and data acquisition functions. A built-in power source makes the 890ZV particularly well suited for small single-cell SOFC work for research, laboratory, and educational use.
Membrane Test System The 740 MTS is ideally suited for development of new ionomers and solid electrolytes. It offers rapid and accurate measurement of the through-thickness membrane resistance and conductivity as a function of temperature, humidity level and pressure.
The 740 MTS eliminates the time-consuming approach of catalyzing a membrane and assembling a fuel cell to evaluate the ionomer performance.
Electrolyzer Test System The 600 ETS is a state-of-the-art, full-featured bench-top instrument for detailed evaluation and characterization of PEM electrolyzers. The 600 ETS includes an integrated Power Supply, Potentiostat, Impedance Analyzer for EIS & HFR, and real-time sensors for Product Flow Rate and Cross-over Monitoring. The 600 ETS is ideal for labs requiring detailed control, diagnostic and analysis of a single electrolzyer cell.
Redox Flow Battery

The 857 is an Integrated Turn-Key Test System for Redox Flow Cell Research & Development. It boasts a 20 A current range as well as a multi-range potentiostat for high accuracy. Included with the system is the powerful, user friendly FlowCell™ software for system operation & experimentation.

Fuel Cell Fixture Our versatile fuel cell is perfect for PEM, AEM
and DMFC research.
Redox Flow Cell Test Fixture All non-metallic flow paths are made with non-corrosive, chemically resistant plastics only!  We offer multiple assembly configurations to allow for various gap, electrode type, and thickness.
Electrolysis Cell Fixture Electrolysis Cell Fixture is specifically designed for the 600 / 620 Water Electrolysis Test Stations.
-Blue End-Plates are suitable for DI water
-Red End-Plates can be used with either DI water or KOH solutions
Both use the Pt-Ti flow field on the Positive Side and Graphite flow field on the Negative Side.