Battery cyclers

The CTS test systems are designed for single cell tests with voltages up to 6V and currents up to 5A (20A in parallel operation). The very compact design allows a standard table top system with 32 independent test channels. Each channel has an additional input for the cell temperature. The automatic dynamic range switching gives up to 200nA precision at low current.
The test systems of the XCTS series are designed for single cells with a maximum voltage of 6 V and currents up to 40, 60 or 80A. The amplifiers use switched technology which results in low heat generation, compact design and high overall energy efficiency. In parallel mode (optional) up to 400A can be reached. The XCTS has automatic and dynamic current range switching.
Voltages to 70 V. Maximum currents are customized between 70 A and 540 A. The switched mode amplifier results in low heat generation and high energy efficiency.
The RPS Battery Pack tester is for voltages up to 1000 V and currents up to 1000 A and a maximum power of 500 kW. A Battery safety (BSD) is integrated in the system and many additional options are possible.