Ultrasound inspection

XARION’s patent-protected sensor technology platform offers substantial advantages:

  • Extreme ultrasound frequency range from 10 Hz up to 2 MHz in air, 20 MHz in liquids
  • Acoustic and ultrasound detection greater by a factor of 10 than present state-of-the art
  • Transducer principle with a perfectly linear frequency response. Although the enclosure needs to be carefully designed to minimize its influence on the sound field, the transducer itself is not frequency dependent
  • Sound detection in air and liquids
  • Qualification for ultra-high sound pressure levels (up to 190 dB SPL)
  • Since no moving inert mass is involved, the Optical Microphone has a true temporal impulse response.
  • Inherent phase match in array configurations
  • No metallic parts and glass fiber-coupled, hence operational in high electromagnetic fields.
Optical Microphone

Eta450 Ultra

Optical Microphone

Eta250 Ultra

Optical Microphone

Eta100 Ultra

Multichannel Optical Microphone

Eta450 Ultra Array

Optical Hydrophone

Eta250 L Ultra

Optical Hydrophone

Eta100 L Ultra

Broadband air-coupled ultrasound source

Thermoacoustic Emitter

Automatic contact-free ultrasonic testing